Beginning Course Curriculum

The Top Gun PDR method training course is an accelerated way of learning the art of PDR. This method breaks down all the hard-to-learn elements of PDR into a simple set of learning skills. This is a two-week course that takes you all the way from PDR fundamentals, to doing many real world dents and creases on most areas of a vehicle. Practicing for approximately 2-3 months after training will still be necessary. This method will provide you with a proven way to practice correctly, with exercises and a practice program tailored to suit your specific learning needs. Practicing incorrectly is probably the number one reason why many techs have such a long learning curve.

We always wait a few days into your training to recommend and order tools for you. We DO NOT make or sell our own tools, nor do we have loyalties or ties to any one tool manufacturer. We also do not recommend tool sets from any manufacturer. The tools we recommend come from six different companies who make certain types of PDR tools very well. We pick and choose tools from these best-of-the-best companies. Our tool recommendations are based ONLY on what is best for you as we dial you in during your training. You will also get plenty of time to work with a wide variety of tools. If you would like we can order these tools for you after training, or we will give you the list of tool recommendations and you can order them yourself from these companies. In most cases, tools and accessory costs for a beginning student will be around $1900-$2000 for a QUALITY basic set. This will include everything you will need to do most basic dent work. We can also help you customize your tools.

This course is an intensive over-the-shoulder program that will challenge you, but is also easy to understand. We know that you will learn differently from any one else, and our training process is very flexible and accommodating. Please visit the other areas of this site for more information.

Here is a brief list of some of the subjects covered in the two-week beginning PDR training class.

  • Fog board theory and usage
  • Finding the right fog board or light system for you to “read”the dent.
  • Tool tip location exercises Tap down use Dent theory
  • Accuracy Exercises for pushing pressure point of Dent
  • Pushing Technique and Probe exercises
  • Basic Crown Theory and Removal
  • S.A.L.T. theory
  • Basic sheet metal working theory, and practice
  • PDR tool use and theory
  • Intermediate sheet metal theory
  • Regular dent removal
  • Irregular dent removal
  • Crease removal
  • Creased dent removal
  • Dent and crease removal in braced panels
  • Door dent theory and removal
  • Door crease removal vertical and horizontal
  • Door working positions including working “upside down”
  • Door tools and usage
  • Basic tool making
  • Custom tool making
  • Total vehicle access
  • No drill methods of dent removal
  • Glue pulling techniques
  • Aluminum theory and working basic dents on aluminum panels
  • Basic proper heat usage techniques
  • Basic core shrinking techniques
  • Basic large dent removal theory
  • Teaching the TopGun™ method of becoming your own trainer.
  • Individual practice program set-up.
  • Customized tool selection for your PDR tool kit

Basic marketing and sales options and strategy for retail and wholesale are thoroughly discussed, and marketing and sales materials are provided. We specialize in marketing and sales training because it is absolutely necessary to the success of any PDR technician. Marketing in PDR requires a much different approach than most technicians are familiar with. This accounts for the high failure rate of many techs trained by companies who don't stress this very important part of the PDR world. Read the FAQ and Should I learn PDR page for more information.

Two-Week Beginning Course Pricing

Listed below are the prices for beginning training at Top Gun PDR Training. The one-on-one, two week course is for those that have had previous training and realize they still have many problems to correct. If you are serious about learning PDR the correct way, this class will solve your problems and get you up and running with minimal cost. Call for details.

Two Students Training at the same time: This is by far our most popular option, but can ONLY be done when both students have no previous experience in PDR. Unfortunately, much of our training is done with students that have trained at what PDR techs call training mills. These students usually have many bad habits to get rid of and need much more attention, so we cannot offer this option to those students. There is a $5000 discount per student for the 2 week course when two students are trained at the same time. Top Gun will provide the student that will train with you in these classes. You DO NOT have to find someone else to train with you.

A deposit of $500 US is needed to hold any training date. This deposit is refundable only in the event of a verifiable emergency, or a  cancelation given 45 days in advance. This deposit is used to discourage people from signing up for training, and then canceling without giving us enough time to fill the vacancy.

Thank you for considering Top Gun PDR Training for your training and re-training needs!

Course Duration

Cost of Training

Two Weeks

Class for beginning students with no previous experience at a training mill:

  $5,500 per student

This class is a savings of $5000 because two students can be trained at a time since there are no problems or bad habits to correct. (NOTE: Top Gun WILL PROVIDE the other student that will train with you. You DO NOT have to find someone else to train with you.)


Two Weeks

Class for students that have previously trained at a training mill:


This class costs more because it has to be one-on-one training only, due to various problems and bad habits that need to be corrected on an individual basis. 


Items to bring:

*Copy of Eye Exam *Large notebook