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Paintless Dent Repair Training Schools

Top Gun PDR Training™ offers a very unique process for learning the art of Paintless Dent Repair. This method cuts the learning curve for most students by at least half in comparison with most other training methods. This is accomplished by combining special exercises, old school metal working theory, and practice into a very focused and flexible training program. As a result, most of the standard exercises and tiresome methods for learning paintless dent removal are no longer needed with the Top Gun method of paintless dent removal training.

As an example, finding your tool tip behind a vehicle panel is generally considered difficult, and can take days to accomplish with other training methods. So far, every Top Gun student has found their tool tip very accurately in approximately 20 - 30 minutes from the time they first take a tool in their hand. This is no exaggeration, but a fact that can easily be verified by our past students or searching PDR forums.

But it's not just the learning curve that is improved. The actual process used to remove dents and creases is improved also. With most paintless dent removal training methods a tech will concentrate on bringing up the dent or crease flat with the panel using dozens or even hundreds of pushes. The Top Gun method concentrates on identifying, then releasing trapped pressure in key areas inside and around the dent or crease in the correct sequence. This results in the dent being done to retail quality in just a few pushes with a tool. The dent is removed as a by product of pressure release, not forced up with a tool.

Does this sound too complex for just fixing dents? Actually learning this method is much EASIER and FASTER than learning other paintless dent removal methods. More importantly, the speed and quality of dent and crease repairs is much improved. This is because the dent was not wrestled with to get a repair, but was released as it needed to be. With this process the dent almost tells you how to remove it. The Top Gun method is also one of the best ways to repair larger and complex dents and creases. Learning this method will also enable you to teach yourself when you come across repairs that challenge you.

WHO ARE WE? Top Gun PDR Training School™ is a small independent training company owned and operated by Marty Runik. He is the originator and developer of the Top Gun process for teaching Paintless Dent Repair. Marty has a long and extensive background as a professional teacher, automotive sheet metal specialist. He also owns a successful retail Paintless Dent repair business and is a peer recognized specialist in LDPDR (Large Dent Paintless Dent Repair)  Please read the Trainer page for a complete biography.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT?  WE TELL YOU THE TRUTH! Look through this site and you will read brutally honest information you will not see on any other paintless dent repair training web site . Top Gun PDR Training™ is not a large facility that packs many students into each class. We are a small and very personalized training school that offers QUALITY painless dent repair training to only one to two students at a time. The owner of Top Gun is the ONLY instructor. You will never be trained by an assistant or stand in trainer. The instructor takes training very seriously, and takes pride in his ability to teach, and bring each trainee to their peak performance levels. We know you learn differently than anybody else, so we use methods of paintless dent removal training that accommodate your personal learning style, never a one size fits all approach.

WHERE ARE WE LOCATED? Top Gun PDR Training™ is located in Cameron Park California - 20 miles east of Sacramento.

OUR GUARANTEE. Top Gun PDR Training™ is the last training you will ever need Guaranteed! If you successfully complete the recommended training and practice program, we will offer additional training free of charge. We want you to be totally confident in your abilities in this demanding art.

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Please read this ENTIRE site for an honest and realistic look at this trade. There is information on this site that is not available any where else. You will probably be surprised at what you learn, and save yourself a lot of time and many thousands of dollars.

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I've always tried to keep an open mind on certain teaching techniques because I feel most people having something to contribute whether they are a 1 year tech or 10 year tech or "newbie". I recently had the opportunity to see this technique first hand with Marty ad must say I am truly impressed!!!!! In my opinion this new teaching methodology will not only drastically shorten the learning curve for new techs it will also greatly improve the skills of an open minded "experiance tech". I hope my post will help those experianced tehs that might be on the fence about advanced training to go ahead and take the plunge. Just make sure you are ready to try and change some bad habits!!!!!

Marc Hunt

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