Beginning Course Curriculum

The Top Gun PDR method training course is an accelerated way of learning the art of PDR. This method breaks down all the hard-to-learn elements of PDR into a simple set of learning skills. This is a two-week course that takes you all the way from PDR fundamentals, to doing many real world dents and creases on most areas of a vehicle. Practicing for approximately 2 months after training will still be necessary. This method will provide you with a proven way to practice correctly, with exercises and a practice program tailored to suit your specific learning needs. Practicing incorrectly is probably the number one reason why many techs have such a long learning curve.

Advanced Course Curriculum

Analysis of the techs dent repair technique. The tech is given two types of dents and trainer analyzes pushing technique, board or fixture placement, board or fixture movement anchoring, basic accuracy, head movement, baseline head movement, tool control, tool tip control, basic work technique, hand eye coordination, etc. This is NOT a test but a basic analysis of the techs proficiency level, and to determine areas that need work. This usually is a lot of fun for both trainee and trainer.